Shelley Cucinotta

Personal trainer

Nutrition coach

218 West Cottage Ave

Sandy Utah 

Tel: 385-201-4691

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RawCuts 16 week program

Real coaching - Real results



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January 19, 2019

January 19, 2019

January 12, 2019

January 5, 2019

March 26, 2018

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Fit for Life 8 week nutrition course

Accountability, encouragement, focus, education, habit-based changes, realistic and long term results. If you are looking for a program that will help you understand why you keep going in circles, why those "diets" don't work, this might just be the program you have been wanting to find. With my expertise in nutrition and body contouring, I will educate you and motivate, throughout this entire program.  

Private one on one training is the best of it all. Personalize training sessions are exactly what you need to correct imbalances, help heal injuries and create a stable well functioning body, increase strength and burn stubborn fat.

Each 55 minute session is designed specifically for you. 

Pay per session or packages of 4, 8,12, 36

Semi-private training is a perfect way to train with a friend or family member. Personalize training sessions are exactly what you need to increase strength, burn stubborn fat, correct imbalances, and create a stable well functioning body.

Each 55-minute session is designed specifically for you.

Sold in packages of 4, 8,12 

Small group training

  • 4-10 people training together with similar goals. 

  • Training sessions will include a dynamic warm-up, the workout (strength, endurance, stability and/or metabolic conditioning), cool down/stretch

  • Program focus changes every 8 weeks


Competition Prep

16 weeks of awesome coaching!

  • Menu's, shopping list, recipes

  • Menus will change as needed to get you to that stage lean look. 

  • ALL workouts, detailed specifically for you

  • Cardio session planned and specific for each phase of prep

  • Supplement suggestion list

  • Weekly check-in emails, progress photo's, measurements

  • Full access to my  app where you will be able to message me anytime, skype (posing and coaching available at additional cost)

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HI! It's nice to meet you!!

Who am I?

I am a believer.

My mission is to help my clients see the beauty in themselves. I love to inspire others to want to live a healthy fit life, to believe in their dreams. I have wanted to help others in one way or another since I was little. Life is unexpected and short, I want to live it to the fullest, dream as big as I can. In life and in training I believe you will get out of it what you put in it, there is no short cut. I do not believe in quick fixes or short term solutions. Consistent hard work will take you where you want to be. 

What is RAW Fitness?

RAW Fitness coaching is found on passion for health, love of fitness and compassion for those who want to change their behavior and those who want to create lifelong success without gimmicks or “fad diets”. Changing your unhealthy habits is the most effective way to reach your goals for life long success.

Raw Fitness coaching is delivered in the most efficient effective way. In-person, online or video you will receive compassionate, straight forward coaching, nutrition coaching to educate you how to eat for fuel without feeling deprived, training to push you to your limits and challenge you to new heights

See what great experiences others have had training with Shelley

Another day- another good workout!💪🏽 thanks Shelley for kicking my ass💪🏽

"After multiple diets, multiple workouts, and multiple trainers I finally found
Shelley!  Shelley gave me what I have been looking for all along, a plan that would
get me to my goals, with her training and guidance I have lost 13% body fat and
built a beautiful body that I am proud of..."

"I never could have anticipated the level of support that she provides on a weekly and at times daily basis.   Shelley's support, constant communication and knowledge are what set her apart from other trainers."

"I feel so fortunate to have trained under Coach Cucinotta. 13 months of training like a body builder for the first time was a long drawn out goal for me. But Shelley made it so fun and she was so encouraging."

"Her ability to
suggest alternate exercises when dealing with my bad shoulder is much
appreciated.  After training with her I am now in better physical condition
than I was in my early 40's, 30 years ago."

"These are the best small group classes!"
"Thank you so much for all your help these last 14 weeks!  I have been doing this on my own for so long I had no idea what I was capable of."

"What a difference she has made in all areas. Posture better, stability and strength lots better. Shelley is caring but tough trainer that will correct you when you need it and compliment on what you are doing right.She is a great trainer, great lady and devoted mother."